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Videos by Andy Levison at Staten Island Community Television

I create local community programming at Staten Island Community Television in Staten Island, New York. I enjoy a fun dynamic style of storytelling using a Steadicam, slider, camera crane and multiple cameras.

Andy Levison
Office 718.727.1414
Cell 619.988.7468

Review of the EZ Slider by EZ FX

This is a review of the EZ Slider, which is a camera dolly that allows for maximum creativity and versatility in film/video productions. Each of the 4 wheels include triple roller bearings for ultra smooth performance. For me, smooth movement is the most important feature in any slider, and this slider is the smoothest of any I have tried.

As an option, the EZ Slider can be motorized. The camera platform can be adjusted to a wide variety of inclines. DIY Track Kits are available for creating tracks of various lengths. This slider is compatible with all camera sizes, as well as all industry head mounts. The EZ Slider is a premium quality production tool, which gives the smoothest performance and greatest versatility of any slider I have used, so I highly recommend it. I hope you find this video review helpful. Andy Levison

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